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WATTS INTERNATIONAL JOBLOT, LLC is a grassroots S3 local business operating at the historical Watts Train Station.   Offering outreach consulting services to businesses operating in the Watts community, Watts International JobLot, LLC pairs qualified, certified and trained skilled resident workers with approved contractors building in the Watts area.


To ensure that low income residents in Watts and the Greater Los Angeles area have options to become gainfully employed, Watts International JobLot, LLC extends training and certification through an apprenticeship program, skills training classes, and vocational studies coursework at local Community colleges. 


Watts International JobLot, LLC seeks out every opportunity to connect contractors with qualified local hires.   Working directly with general contractors, subcontractors, and governmental agencies to provide jobs and training to qualified S3 hires, Watts International JobLot, LLC is helping bridge the gap.


As a staunch promoter of economic development, Watts International Joblot, LLC is committed to the financial success of the community and its residents. 

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